Mod Works when extracted but not when zipped

  • I receive the following error when I run this mod in zipped form. It works fine when extracted. I don't see a capitalization difference,

    Aug 26, 2018 8:41:33 AM games.strategy.engine.framework.startup.launcher.LocalLauncher loadGame
    SEVERE: Failed to start game
    java.lang.IllegalStateException: Error in resource loading. Unable to load expected resource: polygons.txt, the error is that either we did not find the correct path to load. Check the resource loader to make sure the map zip or dir was added. Failing that, the path in this error message should be available relative to the map folder, or relative to the root of the map zip
    at games.strategy.triplea.ui.mapdata.MapData.<init>(
    at games.strategy.triplea.ui.HeadedUiContext.internalSetMapDir(
    at games.strategy.triplea.ui.AbstractUiContext.setDefaultMapDir(
    at games.strategy.triplea.ui.TripleAFrame.create(
    at games.strategy.triplea.TripleA.startGame(
    at games.strategy.engine.framework.startup.launcher.LocalLauncher.loadGame(
    at games.strategy.engine.framework.startup.launcher.LocalLauncher.launchInNewThread(
    at games.strategy.engine.framework.startup.launcher.AbstractLauncher.lambda$launch$0(
    at Source)


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    @rogercooper I get this error when trying to dl the zip.

    /topic/982/ Not Found
    You seem to have stumbled upon a page that does not exist. Return to the home page.

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    @prastle Fixed the link.
    @RogerCooper You need to prepend http:// or https:// in order for the link to work properly.

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    @roiex thxs!

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    @rogercooper I cannot reproduce this error. The zip loads and runs fine here (with 11580). What version of TripleA are you running? I remember older versions not accepting every folder structure inside the zip.

  • @panther I am using 11440.

  • @rogercooper I just upgraded to 11580, but it still does not work,

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    @rogercooper Actually I wonder that it opens flawlessly on my system.
    Are you on Windows or Linux?

    IIRC the map-name and folder-structure conventions include

    • map-name property value containing only lower case letters
    • map-folder name containing ony lower case letters
    • a folder inside the (map named) zip that is named as the map name
    • inside this folder another folder called "map" that includes all the files (polygon.txt...), folders (games, flags...)

    Maybe the engine has become more generous in the meantime, but following the structure and conventions of the downloadable maps maybe can help to solve your issue.

    Just some hints to look at. I am aware that you are a highly experienced contributor - but we need to start somewhere 😉

  • @panther I realized that I still had the empty folder around from development, confusing the system. Sorry for wasting your time.

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    @rogercooper Never mind. I'm glad it's been resolved.

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