Power of Politics 1914 : A WWI scenario

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    @Black_Elk Yes. When you said it I immediately thought of a situation where you buy a "mechanical crate" That crate can be turned into any number of units without the need of a factory... the big gamble is how far do you press your luck in moving it around before you turn it into a... Tank... Fighter.... Mech...etc.

    Because if the enenmy captures the crate... they get the crate and can build a...

  • Anytime I try to imagine a fog of war, I feel like it needs to be something kind of simple to succeed. I think whenever I've tried to pull it off, it was hidden force markers (like ghost units), or like in space games where you have a warp-point where forces can be spawned. Some hybrid of the two? Maybe the enemy knows what you got, but not where its coming at you. Doing it in A&A seems kind of tricky though. Like the opponent needs something to work off of to prevent it from just being a total guessing game. I feel like anything that might work needs to be fairly limited in scope, so it doesn't overwhelm.

    That's interesting, I like that concept! capture the mechanical box would be very interesting. Units like that present some interesting gameplay choices, anytime something can trade hands.

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    One more spoiler...

    Kriegsmarine example.png

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    German roster is starting to come together...


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    @redrum is the mono fighter historic or a what if ? I didn't think there were any.

    Ok I checked and


    Never knew that. I learned something today 🙂 Snoopy and the Red Baron was what I remember lol

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    @beelee It will require techs and is representing some of the early monoplanes towards the end of WW1.

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    @redrum I suggest changing "Fighter" to "Monoplane". Actually, if we want to be strict, "Biplane" should be changed to "BiplaneFighter" and "Fighter" to "MonoplaneFighter", as I see that the "Bomber" is a biplane too, but I guess that, if you don't specify it, it is reasonable to assume you are talking of fighters (this is what I immediately assumed, as well, for the "GermanBiplane"). However, I know that the definition of "fighter" is applying WW2 concepts to WW1, as back then the definitions were different and less precise.

    There are also some other names I would have chosen differently, but mostly on a subjective level (like "DirigibleBalloon" instead of "Zeppelin" and "SuperDreadnought" instead of "Battleship").

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    All hands on deck.png

    There's a precious few that can prove at the root
    This is all nothing but cold calculation...
    Clearly entranced, you're leaning back now...
    Defanged destroyer limps into the bay...
    Down at the beach it's attracting quite a crowd...
    As kids wade through the blood out to it to play

    Okay, you made me scared, you did what you set out to do
    And I'm not prepared, you really had me going there for a minute or two
    He said, you made me scared too, I wasn't sure I was getting through
    I got to go...
    It's been a pleasure doing business with you.

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