PbF/PbEM Changes - Your opinion counts

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    So if you have checked the lates pre-release lately you might will have noticed some changes on the Pbf/PbEM screen:
    Screenshot one
    Screenshot two

    Most of the changes were under-the-hood changes, you hopefully won't notice at all. Perhaps the only thing you want to notice is that using the latest version, the local.cache file you probably will have noticed in your triplea folder becomes redundant and can be deleted. Of course you probably want to keep it for now when you plan to return to 1.9 versions in the future.
    local cache screenshot

    Back to the original topic:
    As you may have noticed on the screen there are a lot of features missing, most notably the Help functionality and the ability to non-persistently store credentials for forum email etc.
    "But where's the option to set our login credentials?" you may ask. Fear not, they have just moved to all the other engine settings to be consistent throughout the engine. I know that this isn't obvious to the user, so we probably need to include better instructions, which is the point at which you come into play.
    How should users get an introduction to PbF/PbEM. A wall of text provided as a popup? A lot of Tooltips? Links to the forum? Hire someone to provide a 24/7 call center service to explain PbF/PbEM to people?
    What would you like to see when first opening this page? Comment down below.

    Also if you know something you always found confusing, that should be explained in detail, please let us know as well.

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    @RoiEX Thanks! Also @Deltium @bayder @epinikion etc

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    Thank you, I appreciate those changes.

    Just one small cosmetic issue:

    As the engine setting's category is called "Play by Forum/Email" I would have expected the forum settings appearing before the email settings and not vice versa.


    Also it could probably be useful to point out that for playing by forum it is not necessary to fill in the email-settings (and vice versa).

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    @Panther Agree.

    @RoiEX I'd like to push PBF more so then PBEM because 1. its easier to set up and 2. drives more sense of community (people posting/sharing games). So if we can make sure anywhere we have them as a combined button/tab/header that Forum appears first and swap the order of settings on that screen, I think that would be a good step.