Total World War: December 1941

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    My comments were about SW with shared tech. In that case I think it is more important to go for logistics and production before SW with Italy. With UK/US sharing Italy doesn't have the time to research techs which it needs but Germany already has. That is lost time....

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    It really depends if Italy is focusing on winning the Med to pressure Egypt or supporting Germany and trying to stalemate the Med. If they are being aggressive in the Med then SWF is pretty important to them and is probably 1st-3rd tech even with shared on for the reasons that @Shonn highlights. Otherwise I'd probably push it to a bit later to get techs that help Germany more.

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    @Hepps Something really strange happens when a Neutral (in our case Sweden) captures a RC. That RC becomes a damaged material...? But you can't repair it and you can't use it for anything.

    tww Krautz.tsvg

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    have you all considered making advanced ac also allow 3 planes to scramble?

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    also can anyone explain to me how a mech inf gets to 8 attack assaulting a city?

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    @ubernaut Post saves

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  • This bug is caused by the wrong implementation of advanced special warfare for mech infantry - I mentioned this a few times here and nobody fixed it.
    The mech infantry gets +2 when advanced special warfare has been achieved, resulting in 3 + 2 = 5 on attack. City and so on gives special bonus resulting in 8.

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    @LovePlayingAAA thanks!

  • Hi. Pls can you explain what happens when a mixed force of planes and troops attacks a similar force (with an airfield)? Is there a prior Air vs Air step? Or does Air vs Air only occur when Strat Bombing?

    And why do most planes have an Air Attack value but not Naval Fighters?


  • Air vs Air only happens in Strat-Bomb. (beware, Tactical Bombers can also "Strat-Bomb" Trucks and Material and stuff). When you send Air into enemy territory, it will ask you "bomb" (= damage structures) or "attack" (troops).

    Naval Fighters can not escort. That's why they don't have an Air-Attack value. They can only be part of Air-vs-Air when they defend (which is called "intercept" in the game notes).

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    i think certain minor territories might have a bug with repair fortifications namely thailand attaching save file autosave_round_even.tsvg

  • Had the same for a Vichy trench in Golden Coast.

    Also there is a bug that troopers land anyhow even if the tranny is sank or escapes (Redrum witnessed that firsthand)

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    Have the in-game notes section been updated? I wanted to read in-game how the new vichy france system works, but couldn't find anything for it in there.

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    @zlefin they are a bit out of date now.

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    Alright, I'll try to look into the following bugs:

    • BUG: when "advanced mechanization" has been developed, mech inf gets +2 attack and not +1 as stated in manual
    • BUG: minor territories might have a bug with repair fortifications examples: thailand and Vichy trench in Golden Coast
    • BUG: troopers land anyhow even if the tranny is sank or retreats
    • BUG: Neutral (in our case Sweden) captures a RC and that RC becomes a damaged material

    @zlefin And yes the in game notes are a bit out of date. v3 changes are all detailed in the first post of this thread.

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    @redrum not sure if it's intended or not but if an air transport gets hit in the first round of aa the paratroopers also land. just thought id mention it since it could be related to 3rd item in your list. 🙂

  • I had an issue where I tried to place materials in a factory in Calcutta but it said there was no factory there. All of India was conquered and then liberated, in case that may have something to do with it

    The save is here, I didn't think to save it before the end of the turn unfortunately:

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    got a strange error on a save file it doesnt seem to effect the same but it reoccurs whenever you quit a live game the host sees this error:

    good one


    bad one


    Jul 21, 2019 10:45:44 AM games.strategy.engine.framework.startup.launcher.ServerLauncher lambda$launchInNewThread$2
    SEVERE: Unrecognized error occurred: Exception on remote, if this is a repeatable error please make a copy of this savegame and report to:
    java.lang.RuntimeException: Exception on remote
    at games.strategy.engine.message.UnifiedInvocationHandler.invoke(
    at games.strategy.engine.framework.$Proxy23.startPlayerStep(Unknown Source)
    at games.strategy.engine.framework.ServerGame.waitForPlayerToFinishStep(
    at games.strategy.engine.framework.ServerGame.runStep(
    at games.strategy.engine.framework.ServerGame.startGame(
    at games.strategy.engine.framework.startup.launcher.ServerLauncher.lambda$launchInNewThread$2(
    Caused by: games.strategy.engine.message.ConnectionLostException: Connection to colin lost
    at games.strategy.engine.message.UnifiedMessengerHub.connectionRemoved(
    ... 1 more

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    @colin As I see you realized and edited, the issue is that the flagpoles didn't change back to India and stayed UK which blocks production. I'll have to look at the XML to see if we can add checks for when India is liberated to change the flagpoles back. I wouldn't be surprised if there are other minors that have the same issue when liberated.

    @ubernaut Save game seems fine. The error just looks like a disconnection or someone leaving a lobby game.

    And wow, turn 44, probably the longest TWW game I've seen.

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