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  • I think we should have kept the original version separately (beside tech arrangements) because now a lot of strategic options have been destroyed. Like taking risk at fully hit to sz 16, trying to capture Mexico City, As UK trying to sink German navy etc are now disappearad...

    Playing with Germany was harder but also more enjoyable. In now its simply impossible to sink German navy. Mexico is guarantee so also SZ16.

    Another point is the original game has never been extensively tested yet. I mean of course playing without any rule. Sure playing with Centrals require a lot more skill but it has no effect over the balance.

    The new version is also a lot more beginner friendly too. I remember well I though Centrals were incredibly weak in the original one when I had realised that they were not weak as much as I though, because I was unaware of some CP tricks like strafe of Galicia, making deadzone with fighters, Ottoman fighter stack in Sinai, buying 5 gas+1blimp for Bavaria in r1 etc... I miss some aspects of the oginial game. I believe there were reasons that why gas cost was 3 with working women in the original one.

    I have the original game too maybe Roger Cooper would want to save it too.

  • I want to share a round 4 load that with the original set up and PUs values.

    I am so puzzle how almost its guarantee to lock France in Paris and not letting Russia stacking Belarus at the same time while also protecting German navy in low luck. I have never aware of that it could be possible nor I have ever seen this kind of situation in the lobby.

    The first three rounds decides totally everything. If Germany doesn't strafe to Galicia, Austria rushs Serbia instead of Russia, Germany doesn't keep Champagne then Centrals starts immiadetaly losing in the original scenario.

    What a great map been playing since 2014 still learning some new stuffs.


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    @Schulz The reason that CPs are doing that well in the save is because G1 was very lucky and Entente didn't play that well and made lots of mistakes. It was possible for CPs to do well before the changes but it depended on them either being lucky in the early rounds, Entente making mistakes, or both.

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    @redrum Not a player of this, but isn't it a tad too off to turn merchant marine into something substantially different? Unless I'm missing something, I don't understand why it is still called merchant marine, as now it is about boosting warships.

    Thinking about it off the cuff, a solution may be keeping it at movement 4 for transports, but only for new transports produced since you have the tech active.

    Generally this is the ways such techs should work, really. Like, it never made sense that discovering Jet Power would magically turn all your fighters into jets. I can understand if it is a real boardgame, and you wish to keep costs down, but not really here.

  • This tech could increase capacity of transports.

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    @Cernel Yeah, the tech name no longer makes sense. Its was just a quick fix to make it so it wasn't so OP anymore. Given all other techs take into effect for all existing units that wouldn't fit well with the map.

    @Schulz Yeah increased capacity or unlocking a new Improved Transport unit with more capacity could work.

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    @redrum Well, it would be the same thing as getting the tank, except that you would also remove the old transport, since, then, it would be obsolete. Tho you could, instead, getting access to a faster transport that is a bit more costly, the old one remaining available.

  • hi all

    Redrum thank you for making all the work it is fantastic and have given the map a good boost.

    Merchant Marine the name might be good idea to change into maybe fast combat group or something.

    for now i belive it is good to wait with more upgrades or changes intill we played the map some more.

    i am normal central player an for me it have become easyer to get good opening in the east and if 100% focus on that front ill say almost imposible for Russia to hold central back unless they get lucky in teck. not that russia is easy taken out but they shurely get less importent front fast.

  • I don´t belive in transport capacity for cruisers it will be to much and fast strength for entende.

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    @Schulz said in Domination 1914 No Man's Land - Official Thread:

    This tech could increase capacity of transports.

    In that case, I'd rather keep it simple, and just lower the cost of transports. That should probably be a ww2 tech, thinking about it, to represent the Liberty ships.

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    If Germany doesn't dive for Mexico City; then the US gets to take it, and get a free IC, for a very low cost. while it's not a great position for an IC, it's still somewhat useable.

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    hey, i just realized that hard ai produces arms with italy without any tech or even tech token. also ai moves into sz 8 (that might be legal in new version ...did not test it so far).

    greets, epi

    i added the file. ai nml 60.tsvg

  • SZ 8 had enabled with the updates and its legal. There are some more things about that I would like to learn from anyone who in charge of AI development.

    1. Why didn't the Italian zeppelins bomb Austrian factories even though there was no Austrian aaGun?

    2. Who does AI UK have fighter obsession?

    3. Why does AI UK buys heavy gun in Bombay. Is AI unable to perceive transporting cost?

    4. Why does AI Russia buy so much zeppelin? Does it think it is good tactic buying mass of them and threatening multiple enemy nations at the same time? Does AI perceive their high cost and low attack power?

  • British Columbia is not connected to sz 153

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