World War 2010

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    I really like this map "World War 2010" but AI doesn't repair industrial complex damage. I did some manual editing to try to compensate but it still influences the AI purchase decisions. I would really like to see more creative maps like this! I really enjoy real world maps with educational as well as theoretical real-world political scenarios such as this one. Unfortunately the repair dysfunction really hurts the gameplay. Is this hard to fix? Props to whoever made this map. I'm also a big fan of "classic iron blitz: cold war". I would love to see more variations of these two maps. Also, does anyone have any suggestions for alternative style maps like these that can be completed in a day or two? Thanks.

  • TripleA Map List. Have fun.

    I am not sure why the factories are not being repaired in World War 2010. The repair rules look correctly implemented. Which AI are you using?

  • The map version is 1.3.0 dated May 29, 2010. The engine version is
    Thanks for any help!

  • @pact_of_plastic Are you using the Hard AI or the Fast AI? See if you have the same issue with the other AI.

  • I use hard AI but tried against Fast AI and with the same results. I even tried reinstalling completely with removing the previous downloaded maps from my documents folder. I've tried many times using edit mode bombing damage. I'm also 100% positive the same thing happens with regualar bomber damage not a result of edit mode. I've included this pic showing that countries that can afford a new industrial complex will purchase a new one rather than repair any damaged ones. Countries that can't afford a new IC simply buy nothing. I'd like to make sure we're talking about the same map war 2010 ic no repairs.pngword war 2010 ic broken.png

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    @pact_of_plastic Even though the Iron War map at the moment has some AI issues, I have seen the AI repair damaged factories, spending PUs doing it. This is observed in prerelease versions of TripleA though, not the release version that you are playing.

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