Lobby down?

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    Lobby also down at 08:58 MEZ
    Thanks for help


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    We are aware of this issue... We are working on a fix, but we can't make any promises, when the lobby will be back online...
    Sorry for your inconvenience

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    Hi epi
    Could you write a description of what the ladder had for options, how it worked and any things you might have wished for in it. Roi is attempting to build a new one. I know you used it a lot.

    Thanks Pras

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    Hi Pras and Roi - I can perhaps share some thoughts here as well. First, I'd like to share a "best in class" example of a good ladder system, over at the DAAK website, which is the German A&A club, which can be found at: http://daak.de/

    There are several critical features, which we should incorporate:

    (1) Clear set of rules for each version of the game.
    (2) The ability to post challenges, so that other players can see who wants to play, by game type (e.g. AA50, Revised, 2nd edition, etc.)
    (3) A rating system (using ELO methodology)
    (4) A raking table (updated real time, as games are posted), with a minimum frequency of play in order to stay on the ladder table (e.g. one game every 6 months, for example).
    (5) The ability to see data on a players statistics, and if possible, the files of the games that they have played (this is a cool feature of Daak)
    (6) Lastly, a "kudos" systems which allows the community to give a player good or bad kudos, depending on how they treat other players. This is an effective tool for the community to regulate good & bad behavior.

    Other nice features could include badges for a certain rating and thresholds for reaching certain accomplishments (e.g. 25 wins for the Axis, 25 wins for the Allies, etc., etc.)

    Happy to chat further by email if you have questions. I'm a huge ladder fan, so this is perhaps the most important part of the website for me!

    Cheers, Deltium

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    Excellent Delt

    Also do you happen to still have a copy of our ladder rules saved somewhere since its gone now?

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    @prastle No, but I can help re-create one. It should not be too difficult.

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    @Deltium Awesome! Feel free to post it in tournaments.


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    Let's continue discussing this topic in https://github.com/triplea-game/triplea/issues/1043

    DanVanAtta created this issue in triplea-game/triplea

    closed Game Ladder #1043

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    @RoiEX Good stuff was so long ago forgot about it there :)

  • is lobby down right now

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    Not that I'm aware of

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