Customizing a Objectives window

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    Wondering if and how I might achieve these changes.

    Want to change the look of the true/false rendering in a objectives tab within my game.

    Wondering if and how the T/F can be changed to a set of graphics. and the True boxes to be highlighted.

    Current view
    0_1516045034238_Original view.jpg

    Desired view
    0_1516045070191_Graphics in Tech windowjpeg.jpg

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    Better rendering of 'T' or 'F' would be really nice and we could do that for every map. @Hepps would you mind posting a check mark and red X images?

    A per-map configuration can get more tricky and would be a bit more complex. I do think we could still do it. The objectives IIRC are a map XML configuration, so we could do it with an additional property that links the objective to an image name.

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    @lafayette Gimme 5 minutes.

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    @hepps Here are the positive and negative images.



    What I'm wondering is during this implementation is it possible to let the map designer design these within the game? Ie. Can I define a positive and a negative for each nation that would then simply be defined in the Flags folder?

    Sorry if I am getting confused.... I guess it is just because the Stats tab already draws images from the Flags folder.... so I thought this would be super easy to implement.

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    @hepps i don't know if super easy, but should be easy'ish. We'll need at least the defaults though when none are specified, and that is a good first step that should be pretty mostly easy.

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    @lafayette Cool. Not trying to be pushy... just a layman. So I don't really know what is involved in any of it.

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    @lafayette BTW... love the .... "pretty mostly easy". =)

  • @Hepps
    @mattbarnes said in Large Middle Earth - strategies:

    make clearer how all the National Objectives work: eg are some of them a one-off payment only, rather than a per turn benefit? What if you capture a one-off target then lose it again?

    Don't forget objectives with a finite number of uses.

    Btw how do you rename the objectives tab?

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    @alkexr All you need to do is to rename the objective tab inside the objectives file. Simply insert this on the fist line in the file...


    (Of course you would obviously want a name that would put a smile on Mr. Tolkiens face)

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