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    This topic is the central location to post your suggestions and discoveries about functionality of anything contained in the POS2.xml.

    An example of appropriate posts for this topic would be:

    a. You have suggestions to improve an existing description of a function in POS2.xml. Post the details here and it can be reviewed and if merited, updated.

    b. You discovered that a information in POS2.xml is inaccurate, misleading or lacking critical details. Post details here and it can be reviewed and if merited, updated.

    c. General POS2.xml discussion.

    Refer to below for "POS2.xml recently implemented features":

    Note, this topic is not a feature request topic.

    Refer to below for the actual "feature request" link:

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    Copied your post here.

    @wc_sumpton said in "Place in Any Territory":

    This property works only if the territory is owned by the player placing the units. Maybe should be reworded to "Place in Any Owned Territory".
    The feature I would like to see is "Place in Any Unoccupied Territory". This would allow the Americans in my mod 'UNDER SIEGE: America' to place units behind enemy lines, a feature that is in the 'original' board game.

    Food for thought. Thanks


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    @general_zod What would also be great is actually adding the discoveries/clarifications to the POS2 XML 🙂

    Anyone should be able to create a pull request with changes here:

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    @redrum Still think it should probably be just a select person or persons to maintain clarity and consistency.

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    @hepps Well, I'll be reviewing all of the pull requests to ensure consistency. But its much easier for me to review a pull request than have to read through lots of threads and make all the changes myself.

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    @redrum Cool. I have no idea what great and mysterious powers the great Oz wields behind the curtain.

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    @hepps Where's @prastle at so I can have him teach you to make pull requests 🙂

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    @hepps @redrum I agree completely. I'm just getting a topic to get it started. And we can nominate keepers (or not) in addition to the "de facto" current setup as @redrum indicated in a related discussion.

    Plus I think this topic should help keep the other topic with the actual implementations to POS2 less crowded. So information can be, more quickly found there.

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    @redrum You may call me Shultz... I see nothing ... I hear nothing... i know nothing! Sometimes ignorance truly is bliss.

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    I propose a brief section devoted to images in POS2 or in one of the other help documents.

  • @general_zod Second


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    A discovery that should be at minimum updated in POS2.xml. Or fixed.

    Involves description for "attackAAmaxDieSides" and by extension "offensiveAttackAAmaxDieSides", "offensiveAttackAA" and "offensiveAttackAAmaxDieSides".

    Below is the excerpt from POS2.xml

    "attackAA"   values: the value that an isAA unit will attack at, for shooting at air units before battle 
    "attackAAmaxDieSides"    values: sets the dice sides for aa guns.  defaults to whatever you chose above in diceSides or 6 if you did not choose.  All units with the same typeAA must have the same dice sides. Be Warned that all aa attack values (including with Radar and without Radar), MUST divide into attackAAmaxDieSides without remainders, or else there WILL be errors in LowLuck!
    "offensiveAttackAA"     values: same as attackAA but for offensive side
    "offensiveAttackAAmaxDieSides"    values: same as attackAAmaxDieSides but for offensive side

    I discovered that, "attackAAmaxDieSides" must be divisible by "attackAA" without any remainders for LL and for dice. This results in very limited functional choices for "attackAA" values.

    eg. If using a d12, the only truly functional values are 1/12=8.3%, 2/12=16.6%, 3/12=25%, 4/12=33.3%, 6/12=50%, 12/12=100%. Since nothing else divides without remainders, effectively 50% to hit, is the highest practical value that can be used for LL or dice.

    If someone wants to confirm it. Use dice and pay attention to actual rolls and their hits. I did this a while back so I'm only 99% sure, since going from memory and a note that I made then.

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    Just a reminder.

    It seems some of the recent xml improvements are not listed in POS2 yet.

    I noticed 2 so far, not sure if there is more missing, since there was a lot of new xml implementations added recently. Which is awesome. 🙂

    • isDisplayedFor

    • fuelFlatCost

    • Are all new fuel related options missing?

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    @general_zod Yeah, there are a few of the most recent features that haven't been added yet. I was holding off to see if the new UI tool that was being created was going to retire POS2 XML but seems that its slowed down a bit.

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    @redrum I think updating the pos2 makes sense for now since @Mahks says he will be the caretaker of XOB. He can copy them over to XOB until others can do it. The only issue would be he has to find the changes in the xml. Hmm, are you keeping an update log updated for POS2?

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