new to the game - few questions

  • Hi,

    Game seems pretty interesting. Thank you to whoever is working on maps & the game.

    I don't quite understand how air works. For example I loaded up Iron War: Europe. Air units seem to have a regular att/def/move but then also an air attack and air defense. What is this?

    Also are there any maps that restrict stacking? It seems like the games I've tried so far devolve into one super stack smoking the board. It'd be cool to see some stacking restrictions on the maps to prevent that.

    Thank you

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    @jjdenver Hi jj
    air attack and air defense are air battles that take place before the usual combat. @Frostion will probably explain it in more detail.

    I'm pretty sure stacking limits are possible and frostion may have some maps that use it but most maps don't.

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    @jjdenver Air attack/defense is only used for air battles which on Iron War only occur during strategic bombing raids when the defender has planes in the territory being bombed.

    There are a few maps that attempt to limit stacking with either hard limits or having a tax based on the number of units. You can check out Total Ancient War as an example.

    Welcome to the community and glad to answer questions.

  • Thanks for the helpful and quick replies.

    I'm interested in fun/challenging/interesting solo campaigns. So far I've downloaded all the "high" and "good" quality maps. I haven't downloaded any "experimental" other than the total ancient war mentioned in the post above.

    Any recommendations for which maps are best for solo games? Thanks!

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    @jjdenver said in new to the game - few questions:

    Any recommendations for which maps are best for solo games? Thanks!

    I like Age of Tribes for solo play. You should probably give the AI bonus income

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    @jjdenver I like House of Habsburg... but I might just be pandering to the cheap seats. 😉 (shameless plug for @CrazyG )

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    @Hepps heh heh

    think elk likes iron war without the europe thing. Not saying that version is bad : ) but he's a good player that plays solo a lot.

  • Thanks for the ideas. I'll try House of Habsburg and Age of Tribes both.

    The "notes" for the game that show up on left of AAA interface and also show up when you are loading a map. Is there a way to get those as a pdf or other format to reference during play? I am copying them into notepad and editing to be readable but this is tedious. Thanks for any help.

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    @jjdenver age of tribes seems pretty cool but never really played it. Checked it out a bit.
    Been struggling with some windows stuff myself and still am. Not a fan of it.

    Anyway, good luck with that : )

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    @jjdenver You can go to "Help" > "Game Notes" to open the notes in a separate window. There isn't a way to export to PDF at the moment but you could do that then screenshot them.

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    @jjdenver Yes you should try out Iron War the world version. Like @beelee says, it it better than the Europe version. It has been tested much more and I as mapmaker have used much more time on the world version than the Europe version.

    I would also recommend:
    Age of Tribes and Dragon War, and of course some maps that I have not made 😁

  • I have been reviewing randomly-chosen scenarios on the following thread. I would suggest trying all the scenarios based upon the boardgames. If you get tired of history try, "The Grand War" for an interesting alternate history.

  • Thanks Roger. I'll read the thread - good stuff.

    I think one thing I'm interested in is scenarios that don't turn into mega-stack scenarios. For one thing I find it hard to even see what's in a territory once there are too many units and for another I prefer manuevering around smaller armies. Some maps seem to discourage bigger stacks. The Dragon War map seems split up by seas so maybe stacks stay smaller in that one.

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