Revised Tournament of Champions, Season 12 (ToC 12)

  • leemorrison defeats hippytrip when dicey thwarts his Axis attacks

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    Deltium (Allies) defeats Raville (Axis, bid 9) after Round 12. First, Raville is a friendly and professional opponent, who plays quickly and well on PBEM.

    Axis starts the game with a traditional Karelia stack, putting the usual pressure on West Russia. Allies cling to a relatively defensive position in the first few rounds, while the US gradually builds up enough units to recapture Africa in US3, and enter the Med solidly in US4/5.

    Japan builds ICs on the mainland to build some tanks to challenge Russia on its flank, but the Allies build up enough pressure on Germany to capture Berlin in Round 11 and successfully defend Russia by Round 12, prompting a graceful surrender by the Axis thereafter.

    Game file attached after J12.


    Good game Raville. Cheers, Deltium

  • @deltium Thanks and a pleasure for a good game with you, Well done and good Job! Greetings, Raville

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    hi all,
    my allies won against brut1980s axis in 17 rounds today. The bid was 8 for germany (full africa). I add the file. A summary follows next days. Thank you Brut1980 for an amazing fight over 17 rounds!

    cheers, epi0_1520258655183_brut1980.tsvg

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    bayder (Axis +10) defeats tulkas (Allies) by surrender in PBEM game. The first few rounds saw wild dice swing both bays, but then Axis started getting the better of it, with an AA hit and most of the trading luck. Despite Axis having good position, Allies were still in it being +58 TUV, but tulkas decided it was time to surrender. Thanks tulkas...always a good game with you! -bayder

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    hi bayder,

    congrats to your win. Would be nice to add the file!



  • smalldog48 wins vs straha It was a very even game where my axis felt like they were winningearly then maybe losing towards middle rounds when i couldnt finish off moscow. Then in later rounds moscow got hemmed in while germany was fairly secure(rd 13 i think).. Straha called it either mid rd 12 or beginning rd13. Fun game straha gl and maybe we play again later on.

  • Hi,
    won with allies against AdamF (axis +10). We started off live and finished off by PBEM, axis surrendering at Russia7. Allies with clear advantage at that point, uk holding east Europe pretty much on its own and Germany heavily down on TUV.0_1520538912598_Ajm_vs_Adam_rus7.tsvg

  • @straha @deltium Due to personal reasons, I concede my 2nd ToC12 game to Straha, GG and thanks, Raville

  • LeeMorrison beat hippytrip

    I surrendered. Could not see an out. Well played by Lee.


  • eboy82 (Allies) defeats Centurio (Axis+9) by surrender in G5 in a PBEM game. Germany went for a Mediterranean carrier in the G1 purchase, but didn't manage to join up with the Japanese fleet before the Americans sunk it in round 4. Japan was coming along nicely, but the lack of German pressure on Russia in early rounds decided the outcome to allied favor. Thanks to Centurio for an interesting and fun game. A pleasure to play against.(0_1520793092649_triplea_centurio_eboy.tsvg)

  • ingcameroni (axis +7) defeats hippytrip (allies) by surrender in USA8 in an online game. Dice was for axis... all the game... well played and gg. 0_1520921631129_lastgame.tsvg

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    Im conceding my game with Cradge in the losers bracket due to a sudden rise in the lack of time (hmm!).

    A sudden rise in lack. Anyway. Good luck to you Cradge!

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    Deltium (Allies) defeats SmallDog48 (Axis, bid 9). SD is an experienced Axis player, with quick moves to secure Africa by Round 2 with both German and Japanese units, and Japanese navy entering the Med securely by J3. The Allies, meanwhile, were trying to hold on long enough to build up enough unit count and clear supply lines to focus on the KGF. By Round 4, the Allies were fortunate to stack Ukraine with a multinational force, and through rounds 5-7, employed traditional attrition tactics to thin German count low enough to secure Western Europe and EE stacks. This, of course, leaves Moscow vulnerable, and Japanese tanks were speeding to Moscow, but Berlin fell by Round 8, and the Allies had enough figs to secure Moscow long enough for UK & US units to reinforce it long term. Axis graciously surrendered after Round 9. Thanks SD48 for a good and professional game.

    Game file attached for the curious.


  • Hammond (allies) wins vs. ingcameroni (axis-9)
    Germany started the game buying a nice German fleet in the Baltic which made UK nervous. After a couple of rounds, UK hit his fleet expecting to take some heavy losses but got so lucky that UK's fleet was barely bruised. Game quickly went down as USA kept pressure on SE and Russia had just enough to make a stand against Japan as Germany fell. It should be noted that ingcameroni was a very gracious player who was very cooperative in a game filled with glitches. GG and good luck in the rest of the tourney!

  • Hammond (allies) wins against Lee (axis-9)
    Game started off pretty standard, but all ideas of going after Germany went away as Japan was relentless after Russia. Soon, Russia was consumed with trying to push Japan away even for just one turn to catch a breath. This never happened. Japan’s build and advance from Siberia was matched with his control and stacking of Persia. UK did what it could to get troops to Russia, but was cut off by Germany’s Karelia stack. For its survival, Russia decided to attack Japan’s Siberia force and then later, used its leftover worn out tanks to hit the Persia stack. USA arrived in time to make sure Germany couldn’t take advantage. When the smoke cleared, Japan was still holding ground on Novo never letting up or backing down. However, USA was now a player and Russia’s fall avoided. The game could have went on IMO, but Lee made an honorable surrender. Whew! Tough player. GG Lee and good luck in the rest of the Tourney.0_1521221827089_l&&hG16.tsvg

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    Epinikion (allies) wins against Deltium (Axis). With a bid of axis +10 (9 Germ/1 Jap), no russian ukr attack (only w.russia and belo) and a german navy purchase (AC) the game went early to unknown water. After some rounds allies managed to clear finally the North Sea when USA captured the Med and most of Africa. But there were two axis stacks walking from west and east straight to west russia and novo, so Russia felt a lot of pressure and retreated to Moscow but destroyed most of the germ stack while retreating. Meanwhile UK and USA surrounded somehow Berlin. When USA was able to hold South Europe and the pressure on Berlin raised, Deltium conceded. Moscow looked save thankful for some UK and USA fighters helping out there.

    Thanks a lot, Deltium, for skilled and friendly gameplay. Its always a pleasure to play with you triplea. Good luck for the rest of your tournament and thx for well organizing.


  • Hi Epi,

    congrats for your victory against Deltium.
    Can you please add a savegame!

    This would be great, so that we all can follow the tournament even when we are out of the race but we can still learn from the best players.

    I know that your opponent "bayder" dont post a savefile from his game against tulkas, so i understand when you dont want to share your strategy with us.

    But maybe you can post the savefiles when you finish your game with bayder.

    I appreciate it very much if especially a "Mod" would lead by example here. Good Luck and have fun!

  • Hi I would like to enter this tournament

  • Panpal (axis+9) wins against Ramonet after a long well-balanced game. After 14 long rounds played online axis had an advantage as Japan managed to control the majority of Africa and at the same time amassed a formidable stuck in Novo threatening Moscow. Allies had still enough resources to defend Moscow for many turns while threatening Germany, but Ramonet decided to surrender due to lack of time. Thank you Ramonet for a very challenging game. I hope you will find some time to continue playing in the tournament. I attach the savegame 0_1522011473885_ramnet_vs_panpal_toc.tsvg

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