Revised Tournament of Champions 11 (ToC 11)

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    Revised Tournament of Champions 11 (ToC 11)

    We are just about finished with ToC10, with Epi and Polarole in the Finals. Out of respect for both of them, we won't begin ToC 11 until that Champion is finalized.

    However, I expect for them to be finished within the next few weeks, and we can begin the sign-ups now. I expect tournament play to begin sometime in late April or early May.

    The ToC series is usually reserved for strong intermediate or expert players.

    For reference, the match rules are the following:

    Match Rules:

    The tournament is single-elimination.

    For each match, the choice of Axis-or-Allies will be determined by a bidding process, in which the player who bids the lowest takes Axis. First bidder is determined by random MARTI test die roll.

    Games are to be played by e-mail (unless otherwise agreed), and players should complete at least one nation's turn a day. Each game must be completed within 5 weeks.

    If games go beyond 5 weeks, we may need to Arbitrate a winner to determine who advances...we will try to not use this method. We understand people will be unavailable at times for vacations, etc.

    Default rules are PBEM, Lowluck, No tech, TTL. Please note that standard Revised will be used (not LHTR). Other default settings (if players cannot agree) include Projection of Power (9 VCs), RL for bombing runs, Always on AA. Optionally, people can play online, regular dice, tech, etc. Both just have to agree on it.

    Clarifying Fighters entering combat legally: As long as the AC has a >0% chance of reaching a land-able sea zone (based on LL calc if using LL rules), then a fighter can make the move. No kamikaze figs allowed.

    Players should make their best efforts to ensure that all non-combat moves, etc. are made before the game file is sent, but if one forgets, a player can email their opponent BEFORE their opponent moves with such oversights, and those changes will be accepted. However, for clarity, only non-combat moves (e.g moving AA guns, moving units after combat) will be allowed. No additional combat moves can be made however.

    If ANY edits are made, players should advise their opponent accordingly, even though any and all edits already show up in the history section of the game file.

    To avoid any issues, please clarify OOL for any territories with bombers, multi-national forces, or sea units with subs, etc. When in doubt, communicate ahead of time !!

    Please post your interest here, and we shall target 16 players to begin the tournament. Cheers, Deltium

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    Hello All - I would like to start sign-ups for the ToC11, which can begin once we achieve 16 participants.

    NOTE -- sign-ups should be limited to intermediate to expert players only.

    Cheers, Deltium

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    It seems time to get a new ToC 11 off the ground. Who is ready?
    If we can get to 16 qualified candidates, I'll offer $100 for the winner and $50 for the runner-up.

    Intermediate or advanced players only please. Only one entry per person.

    Spread the word in the Lobby !! Rules listed above.

    Cheers, Deltium

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    @deltium If you end up needing players then I'll join though consider me a backup.


    1. I'd recommend PBF rather than PBEM be the default (either using this forum or A&Aorg).
    2. Not a big fan of this rule but if the majority of revised LL players like it then I get it: "Clarifying Fighters entering combat legally: As long as the AC has a >0% chance of reaching a land-able sea zone (based on LL calc if using LL rules), then a fighter can make the move."

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    @deltium Awesome Delt! Also maybe ya want to advertise in the ladder thread? Just a thought. 🙂

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    Confirmed prizes of $100 for First Place, and $50 for the runner-up.

    Only one entry per person.
    Intermediate or advanced players only.

    I shall launch the tournament as soon as 16 players or more are confirmed.

    Cheers, Deltium

  • Please add me to the list!


  • Add me to the list!
    Thanks AbelMoreno

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    All - a few updates:

    (1) first, I've received several emails from interested participants, and we are officially up to TEN players already -- good progress !!

    (2) Some of you have asked about the anticipated start date. I'm generally flexible on this, and will target [ 20 September ] or thereabouts, assuming we reach 16 players.

    (3) Some people have also asked for a bit of information about PBEM and the mechanics. There is a good section here on the website for doing so:

    The basic item is to get registered on the Marti dice server, so that both you and your opponent can see the respective dice rolls. To simplify the process for you, it's usually easier to just make your moves, save the game file, and then send the game file to your opponent. There is an automatic way to do this in the software, but there are a few glitches, which hopefully will get sorted out in the next version, so this shortcut is usually best. I'm happy to play a test game with you for a few moves if you need help in the interim.

    (4) Lastly, with respect to speed of play, it is expected that you try your best to play at least one turn per day, but if you have other commitments (e.g. work, family) or if you are on vacation, etc., it is OK to make a move as soon as reasonably possible, but not later than a move every third day.

    Cheers, Deltium

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    @deltium I'm not aware of any PBEM glitches. Can you point to where those are reported so we can make sure to get them resolved.

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    @deltium did you still want to mass email? I can also just show ya where in admin so you can do yourself. let me know.

    Great Work! 🙂

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    @redrum when deltium and i played pbem i had to manually send the pbem file it doesnt auto send any more. He has had this problem with other players as well. Strangely tho the marti dice results still arrive correctly. BUT! I was never a pbem guy. @deltium will give ya a better answer.

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    Just for clarification, either PBF (Play by Forum) or PBEM (Play by Email) can be used. PBF may be a bit easier for some of you that are new to non-live games, and here is a good link to examine:

    Also, playing live is allowed, but in the event that either player does not want to play live, then PBF or PBEM is required.

  • I'd like to be considered. I played in TOC at previous clubs and even ran some tourneys. I would consider myself slightly above average- if not that's cool and best of luck to those that do play!

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    Welcome aagamer - sure, we can certainly add you to the list. The sum of participants is now 12 people, and I expect a few of the "vets" to respond shortly, indicating a high likelihood that we'll kick this baby off mid-to-late September.

    Separately, I've had a few questions from people about speed of play. While I would prefer that everyone try to make a turn a day, I understand that some people have very demanding jobs and personal lives, so a move every other day is acceptable, but please try your best to move no later than once every other day.

    Cheers, Deltium

  • add me in pls and great thanks for organization, deltium

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    @epinikion -- great to hear that you are joining.

    FYI everyone -- Epinikion won ToC10, so beware! 🙂

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    We are officially up to 14 participants now. Intermediate and experts welcome to sign-up!

    First place = $100
    Runner-up = $50

    Pairings will be updated as soon as we hit 16 participants.

    Expected start date = [ 20 September ]

    Cheers, Deltium

  • @epinikion Damn tough field now. GL epi!

  • I would like to play.

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