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  • Hey, I don’t seem to be able to place Fighters on Carriers when building new Fighters. Is that deliberate?

  • Observation from current games: I think the balance favours Japan at the moment. I crushed my opponent when I was Japan whereas he’s giving me a good game with him in Japan (and I’m the more experienced player). In particular, Japan has a strong chance of knocking UK completely out of the war and still its PUs. The Nationalists are having to send supporting troops to help India which seems a bit counter-historical. Should UK be slightly stronger?

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    Just pushed the latest version live and here are the changes:


    • Overhaul many unit images (credit to @Hepps)
    • Fixed Calcutta to Chittagong connection
    • Added several starting British infantry (make it more difficult for Japan to take the UK out early)
    • Removed a few bombers/fighters from Japan (decrease Japanese air power as Axis seem a bit OP)
    • Added political clarifications to notes

    @mattbarnes Here are the current fighter/carrier placement rules:

        <property name="Produce fighters on carriers" value="true" editable="false">
        <property name="Produce new fighters on old carriers" value="true" editable="false">
        <property name="Move existing fighters to new carriers" value="false" editable="false">
        <property name="Land existing fighters on new carriers" value="true" editable="false">

    I agree that v3.0.1 seems to favor the Axis powers. I made a few balance adjustments to give the UK a few more starting infantry and remove a few fighters/bombers from Japan. I think that should help ensure the UK stays alive a bit longer and reduce the insane starting air force for Japan which should force them to decide whether to invest in more air units vs land units.

  • Red rum, thanks for your efforts on this and consideration of the feedback. My carrier/fighter fail related to a new fighter on an old carrier, so according to your code ought to have been true, but wasn’t.

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    @mattbarnes sorry to jump in but Red rum just needs recognition : )

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    @mattbarnes If you have the save game then I can take a look at the fighter/carrier placement. If not then I'll start up a game and see if I can place new fighters on old carriers.

    I'll be interested in your thoughts on the updated images and the balance changes.

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    @redrum Thanks again for supporting this fun map and dealing with all enquiries.

    See the attached saved game. I'm afraid you need to wind back to see the Turn 6 history for UK where I couldn't place the fighter and had to Edit it in. Thinking about it, I wonder if the issue could be a broken link from Chittagong to the sea??

    By the way, I think there's another broken link: from East Assam to Manipur. Do you agree?

    I'm keen to look at the new images and game balance but I can't load the new map till I've finished my current game on the old map. Hopefully by the weekend.

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    @mattbarnes Correct on both of those. I just added the missing connection for East Assam to Manipur in the latest map version.

    The fighter placement on carrier issue was actually an engine bug as since the map uses advanced placement rules with "requiresUnits" attribute, that attribute didn't work properly with placing new fighters on carriers. This will be fixed in the latest pre-release:

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