No Mans Land 2

  • I have started work on No Mans Land 2. Hepps has been kind enough to supply a new map image and I am very excited.

    Some highlights will include:

    New resource called influence that can be used to gain new allies or gain perks for your alliance
    Random Seasonal weather system
    Consolidated armies with minors producing majors units
    Mechanism for players to influence when Communists and USA enter the war

    I would love to hear from you your ideas of what you would like to see in a large scale WW1 map

    Specifically I am currently interested in the following:
    Effects weather could have on gameplay
    Conditions that would exist to give the option for certain countries to be able to join the war

  • @imbaked Given the scale of the game, bad weather would probably reflected as penalties to attacking.

    There basically 3 ways to handle neutrals enter the war.

    1. Follow the historical schedule.
    2. Buy them with influence
    3. Randomized

    Each methods has its pluses & minuses.

    Historical schedule is easy to implement. It makes the game more of a puzzle to be solved.However it less realistic because you can anticipate the entry of neutrals and change your strategy accordingly, There is also fewer options and less replay value.

    Buying them requires careful balancing to make choices real. Obviously, Bulgaria needs to be a cheaper ally than the US.

    Randomized entry is realistic and exciting but can result in unbalanced games and make planning impossible.

    Any of these methods can work for a game.

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    Sounds exciting 😊 I have been very very close to implementing weather into Iron War Europe, but did not get around doing it. I have 4 weather graphical unit pictures ready. My idea was to make 4 different units that were AI controlled by a player "friendly" to all players, so it could move around the map randomly after a random placement and give negative support to the "friendly" units on that map, both attacking and defending units. The four units I made ready are: Drought (land unit for summer rounds. Should spawn in Africa), Storm (sea unit for Autumn rounds), Heavy-Snow (land unit for Winter rounds, Heavy-Rain (land unit for Spring rounds).

    I never got to the point where I had to figure out the exact effects, but I have been thinking the drought should hit infantry attack and defence. Storm and Heavy-Snow should hinder/slow sea unit and infantry movement. Heavy rain (mud) should slow vehicle land units etc. But again, I did not get to think this through. Maybe air could also be affected by AA? Like flying through a lightning storm ☺

  • @frostion I am going to use the tech tree as a yes/no check mark to run triggers off of. There will be a dummy nation called "Weather" to handle it. Random 1 in 6 effect with 4 different "seasons" rotating every 4 turns. So far for effect ideas I have:

    1. Storms - Planes cant fly
    2. Mud - Artillery cant support
    3. Fog - Machines guns defence reduced
    4. Channel Storms - France cant receive lend lease


    1. Disease in middle east - Attrition
    2. Disease in Africa - Attrition
    3. Disease in Asia - Attrition
    4. Ideal Conditions - Planes and Blimps support more
    5. Sandstorm - artillery loses support in mideast


    1. Storms - Planes cant fly
    2. Mud - Artillery cant support
    3. Early Frost - Decrease in pus
    4. Hurricane - Attrition in Carribean and South Asia sea zones
    5. Bountiful Harvest - Bonus Pus


    1. Russian Winter - Attrition on Eastern Front
    2. Frozen Ground - Cant place trenches
    3. Frozen Ports - Russia cant receive lend lease
    4. Disease on Western Front - Attrition on Western Front
    5. Mild winter - No effect
    6. Blizzard - Infantry attack reduced

    Love to hear your thoughts and ideas for more interesting weather effects

  • @rogercooper

    They will be bought by influence. Each alliance will have a nations called "Centrals/Entente Influence" that gains pus from NO's. Will have to satisfy certain conditions (normally round X and control X territory) to be allowed to spend influence to gain an allie. Historical allies will be cheaper for their historical side to get (IE maybe Bulgaria costs centrals 2 influence and entente 5). Influence will also be able to be spend on bonus for your alliance such as free german subs in Atlantic or lend lease transfer of PUs from neutral USA to UK/France/Russia. This will ensure influence always has a use, even if all allies have been taken and hopefully will ensure that some countries stay neutral in most games. Thank you for the feedback, keep it coming!

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    @imbaked Actually, you may get rid of those hacky players if this gets done:
    so that you can use specific resources (not limited to PUs only) for your diplomatic actions.
    I hope this will be done soon, especially the ability of checking resources with conditions (that is what you need).

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    @imbaked Flooding 🙂

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    @prastle Hay Fever allergies. 😉

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    For Summer, I'd definitely think 'extreme heat' for Africa and Middle East.

  • @cernel Thanks Cernel I will do my diplo last then in the hopes this is ready first.

    Is there a way we could do something like tech for my randomized weather. I just need something to check a box someway that triggers can work off of

  • @prastle what would you want flooding to do?

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    @imbaked causes more mud or pu loss from damaged coastal / river areas loss of production would be another way

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    @imbaked said in No Mans Land 2:

    @cernel Thanks Cernel I will do my diplo last then in the hopes this is ready first.

    Is there a way we could do something like tech for my randomized weather. I just need something to check a box someway that triggers can work off of

    Yah, hopefully that will be done (being able to test the resources a player have). User actions can use only PUs, and that is exactly the kind of thing in which you may want to use other resources the most.

    Chance rolls for triggers are supported; look at "War of the Relics". Just a warning that rolls are sent to both sides each time, so there is a huge lag for playing online if you have like tens of triggers testing chances at the same time (each one with cause about 1 second delay); "War of the Relics" is almost unplayable because of that.

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    @imbaked If there are certain engine improvements/updates you'd like to see let me know. Having conditions with non-PU resources is on the list as mentioned by @Cernel:

    Upvoting and posting in the feature thread can help influence priorities:

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    Now serving map... did you order a map for the main course sir?

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    @hepps LOL 🙂

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