Fog of War

  • I would like to visibility added to units. So that a unit could accurately see the units in a variable number of territories near them. eg, Cavalry can see neighboring territories, Balloons can see 2 territories.

  • @admiral-barca That would require major changes to the game engine.

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    But it would be cool! šŸ˜‰ and it would open op many new game/map possibilities. Though it does not seem realistic to implement such a feature.

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    @frostion @Admiral-Barca It would definitely require massive changes. One of the challenges is the same as creating a 'card system' which is some way for save games to be locked so that players couldn't open up another players turn. If that was tackled then it would primarily just be a visual challenge on creating a way to determine which territories can be seen by current player and graying out the rest.

  • @frostion it would be way cool. Years ago I used to play a game called " Global Conquest ". Sadly it's not around anymore.

    It had a risk map with A&A type mechanics. No navy though. Used a 12 sided die and started you out with low hitting units. You used "Research Centers" buy buying "scientists" who researched better units.

    Went all the way up to " Nukes ". The really cool part was that you could only see the units that bordered the territories you controlled. There was an "omniscient " mode that showed the whole map as well.

    Was written in java too. Unfortunately i was new to the whole computer thing then. Otherwise would have asked if they wanted to collaborate with the triplea guys.

    Anyway, yea it'd be cool. Recon units telling where units are. Or even giving faulty info.
    Yea pretty tall order. Sure was fun playing that game and not knowing where all the enemy units were though : )

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    @beelee Yes, that does sound cool. Imagine if TripleA had a map setting that turned on fog of war on any existing map (Greyed out territories and also hiding purchases and so on). It would probably be a totally new game experience šŸ˜ƒ Then maybe adding surveillance units, spying options and more!

    @redrum I guess a feature like this, that demands so much coding, would probably need much more wishing from a larger player base. To me it seems like changes and improvements to TripleA are very small steps at a time. So I can't see this addition happening, even though your words make it feel realistic and doable.

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    @frostion This has come up time and time again over the years. It is a sweet concept, but feels like so much of the engine would need to be changed.

  • @redrum yea I should add that it was a one turn a day game thing too. But it would be sweet : )

    I'm stoked with all the stuff you guys have done.

    Rock On ! Insert hepster image : )

  • This post is deleted!

  • @admiral-barca TripleA is a game engine designed for A&A type games. If you want a different experience, try a different engine. For example, the Civ series has the limited sight ranges built into the engine.

  • Really no possibity to implement it as optional thing for games no matter how many players request?

    Or is it jus because it would be very hard to implement?

  • @Schulz If you want an area movement game with Fog of War, check out Wars Across the World. You could basically implement Axis & Allies in Wars Across the World.

    Personally, I find TripleA a lot more interesting than WatW. The fog of war further encourages the creation of super-stacks that crush everything in their path in WatW.

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    @Schulz The game logic isn't really designed to handle that.
    Basically the way the game currently works is that there's one state of the game (the savegame so to speak) and all clients just display this one state directly, a similar problem to simultaneous movement.
    The code assumes to know everything and the battles and the AI operate on that global knowledge.
    We'd not only have to hide certain territories, but change all code that shows the live actions of other players too.
    That's a lot of work, especially when we're only doing this in our free time. There are just some other things like fixing the bugs that are semi-automatically reported every day that have just higher priority.

  • @RoiEX <Fog of War> But could you make an option where there is a moderator or game master and that person is able to turn on or off icons. That way another separate game map can be used that would simulate FoW for players.

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