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    I am not sure what happened or why I was banned. I have been playing on TripleA for years and have had no issues. I play with a buddy of mine and I don't engage in chatting very often and when I do it is exclusively about game play0_1505800141101_20170919_003430.jpeg . I don't curse or anything and now I am getting an notification that I am banned for a year without any explanation or way to contact anyone. Please get in touch with me regarding this ban so I can at least see what I did wrong. Thanks.


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    pls invite me to revised ladder ty dd

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  • For Info, I have made maps that has situations where units can generate/spawn other units in empty enemy territories. Like in Dragon War where the Zombie Plague unit spawns a Zombie unit every turn, and this can be in an uncaptured enemy territory, as the Zombie Plague unit can fly into enemy territories and end turn there. Right now the capture is not done "immediatel" (but I will set this in the next map update). Also in Age of Tribes there are trigger placed units that can be placed even if it is enemy territory. Maybe map Caribbean Trade War also have triggers that can place units in enemy territory, I think so. Mostly the instances with units in un-captured territories in my maps are because of trigger-placed and unit-spawned units and maybe because of unfinished battles because of limited combat rounds.

    It was just info if it is needed ☺

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