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  • @cernel If I understand correctly you're suggesting it be an either /or to download from repo's or to download directly from a URL.

    The alternatives that would accomplish are not very palatable to me:
    A) We add a second button to the main screen.

    too many buttons on main screen already, this makes it harder to use all existing controls, it's one more thing when considering what to cick next. putting a button on a screen that is not typically pushed is a bad UX, all UI elements should be relatively cohesive and used scatters download functionality, there are two places now to know about when downloading

    \B) When clicking the 'download maps' button we ask whether to download from repo or direct URL. I don't like this very much as we introduce an extra button click when 99.9% of the time users will be downloading from repos.

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    @numetalfan yea I think you can do what you want. I Think there's a few maps that have a similar mechanic. Slightly different . Can't think of any off hand.

    Maybe you could buy units for a certain price and place in a Capital and when the right amount of units are present they activate the trigger ?

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    OK let's call it influencing.

    There should be 2 accounts:

    the Axis' account
    the Allies' account

    both will have a value of 0
    In the purchase phase each mation my influence by spending ipc

    Of the account has reached a value of e.g. 15 then a condition is fullfilled and a trigger will convert a neutral state e.g. Turkey into a German country or a British country. There might be a placement of some units there by a trigger too.

    That is my idea

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