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    @numetalfan yea I think you can do what you want. I Think there's a few maps that have a similar mechanic. Slightly different . Can't think of any off hand.

    Maybe you could buy units for a certain price and place in a Capital and when the right amount of units are present they activate the trigger ?

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    OK let's call it influencing.

    There should be 2 accounts:

    the Axis' account
    the Allies' account

    both will have a value of 0
    In the purchase phase each mation my influence by spending ipc

    Of the account has reached a value of e.g. 15 then a condition is fullfilled and a trigger will convert a neutral state e.g. Turkey into a German country or a British country. There might be a placement of some units there by a trigger too.

    That is my idea

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    @numetalfan not 100% sure what you want to do, but maybe "Persuading" or "Influencing" would be a better term.

    "Bribing" just seems a bit to Reich like lol

    Then again, no need to sugarcoat it lol

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