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    @stohrm well there is a button that'll cycle through all your units that haven't moved. It can be helpful at times. I don't use it much personally. A live game would probably be different though.

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  • @beelee This is actually a response to the last three posts (lumped into one): What would really be great is if the game engine was similar to the one in Medieval II Total War (and I fail to understand why that Franchise has yet to do a WW2 Total War; but fools will be fools).

    Anyway, I'd be happy if it just showed the Naval (& Air) units; as those are the ones that keeping track of gets to be an issue. I should learn to keep my fleet(s) together, and perhaps that is the best solution; but opportunities do arise that interfere with that objective.

    In regard to the current game engine: it would probably helpful if the current game xml file was sub-divided into multiple files (pertaining to their specific function). But that's a suggestion for another time and place. (Hopefully I'll find both).

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  • @stohrm
    I helped test the addon to TripleA 2.5, butterw wrote it.
    See here

    Notice all the that works and will not let you buy what you cannot have.

    Here is the code

    The post underneath is what I did to make it work.

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    @stohrm yea I think the majority of development is in rewriting triplea so it's easier for developers to add new stuff.

    Basically, it's been a whole buncha people over the years adding stuff and it doesn't all flow together that well is my understanding.

    Probably another year or two before it's done is my guess. So yea, probably not much in the way of new features gonna be happening.

    I believe 2.6 has a thingy where it tells if you max built a unit or not so it doesn't dust your entire purchase. Which is way cool. I think @TheDog did it. Not sure, haven't tried it. 2.6 screws my computer and downloaded games everytime i try it

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