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    @thedog Thanks for the update. Last I checked, people help make the game better, for fun. We should appreciate that!

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    Roi is from Germany. Asvitkine back to work ? School ? idk none of my business.

    Hope someone steps up, because things not all that good imo right now

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  • @simon33
    For the Devs, its summer, good weather and real life, AFAIK they are all in the northern hemisphere, they will back in the autumn.

    Earlier this year the code changes for 2.6 were coming in daily and it was hard to keep up 😁

    Off the cuff, 2.6 runs faster, Hard AI is faster/better, frontend for multi-player has improved. (Sorry Devs if I missed your biggies)

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    yea idky a patch wasn't put in for redrums fix. Not enough bandwith if i remember right.

    Not a lot going on dev wise these days

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