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Recent Posts

  • @Hepps Yeah, I like the region concept as well. Though either way I still think you need to raise the overall amount of production on the map some. But that would allow having more 0 PU territories sprinkled across it since you'd still want to control the entire region for the bonus.

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  • @CrazyG Another way to have some variety is to spread out some of the worthless territories and then create "Regional Zones" that give a PU bonus once all the territories are captured.

    0_1544538595112_CG Regional suggestion.png

    The nice thing about this is you can manage the overall PU distribution better and there don't become hugely potent individual territories. So while a nation may get a PU boost... no one territory becomes overly valuable.

    The other nice thing is this will give individually worthless territories a strategic value. You may even find players fighting doggedly for worthless territories because of what they represent to the greater war effort.

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  • @CrazyG I would consider doubling unit costs across the board so you can double territory production which should give you a lot more flexibility while having most/all territories worth at least 1. I'm generally a fan of figuring out the map production to be interesting then using that to drive the cost of units. The other reason this is important is right now there is very few decent places to build factories as so many territories are worth 1.

    North Africa (besides Egypt) is tough. I think you go 1 of 2 directions. Either add more production/units to make it a somewhat legitimate theater or consider making them neutral/impassible. Right now its kind of just a distraction and doesn't really add any fun/depth to the map.

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  • @Cernel said in CrazyG's Big World War One:

    @CrazyG Sadly, that problem with sounds cannot be solved. Either you set it to NONE, and miss the conquered sound completely, or you can try to switch sounds on, turn on your volume, and skip until Italy, you'll see what I mean.
    Here it is needed a developer to fix this problem. I guess I should open an issue in GitHub.

    Can't you customize the sounds for your own map?
    I could just replace the territory conquest sound with a blank sound file.

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