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    @board-3659 said in I want to make a map:

    @thedog I want to make a map from scratch so how do I begin?

    Regrettably, TripleA doesn't have an actual integral map-making program, and I believe no developer is working on making one, either. TripleA did have a few map-making programs made along the way (meant to guide you in the making of a map from nothing at all), but I'm not aware if they are still good enough, yet I'm quite certain each of them is neither exhaustive nor up to date.

    Consequently, I believe most map-makers make maps manually, going as far as even creating or modifying XML files with text editors.

    This said, one way you can make a new map from virtually no map is by firstly learning everything which is critical in the documentation given at
    and thereafter downloading the
    to rename it as you wish and change its files as you wish using a graphic program (like GIMP) for images (which you can also freely copy from
    and from
    together with other assets like sounds),
    and using either a text editor or the TripleA "map creator tools" (which you can access by launching TripleA) for the rest.
    I think all of the basic elements you can see in the "0" map are fairly self explanatory (and fully explained in the map-making tutorials). If you want to add more, what you learned in the map-making tutorials should give you the knowledge to do so to some extent, and you can also look at the
    map and in particular at the
    within it, pasting and rewording what you wish into the renamed "0" map.
    If you wish to add other (all unnecessary) elements beside images and text-based files, you may have to use other programs to work on them (like Audacity for sounds).

    This post extensively covers your question too:

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  • @thedog I want to make a map from scratch so how do I begin?

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    @schulz I think that, if the southernmost circle is representing the city of Baku (so not the whole Azerbaijan), Georgia should be named Transcaucasia (as it would represent both Georgia and Azerbaijan).

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  • Still working...

    Victory is achieved when you capture your first enemy capital. V3 units and rules with a few exception. Cruiser cost will be 11 and carrier defense will be 1. I am not sure if 50 armour cost is so cheap when infantry is 30.


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